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Do’s and Don’ts for Choosing Kids Toys

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

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The first time you look through the toy department you may be struck by how much more expensive toys are today than you remembered. Toys don’t have to be expensive, though. And with toys, expense has nothing to do with quality. We’ve all heard the story about the parents who bought their child an expensive toy, and all the child wanted to do was play with the box. A good toy for one child isn’t necessarily a good toy for another child. When you purchase a toy, you need to consider your child’s age, gender and personal preference. Here are some examples.

As you are getting ready to buy a toy for your little one, keep it in mind that the toys you pick need to be age appropriate for your child. Children go through various stages of development at different ages. Toys need to stimulate the child’s mind during play.

To make the right decision, take a look at these Do’s and Don’ts for Choosing Kids Toys

– Get them what they want if you can afford it and it doesn’t contradict your values. Make sure your kids know which toys are off limits because of your family values.
– Get them what they want even when they have lots of that toy.
– Get them what they want even if you think the toy is silly or ugly.
– Don’t give them everything they want-that’s called over-indulgence. Find out what they want most. What they want least.
– Don’t give them what you loved as a child unless you know it’s something they want.
– If your children want something you can’t afford, tell them up front that you can’t afford it.
– If you have several children close in age and are choosing one big present, make sure each child gets a small present that’s just for them.

Choosing kids toys can be tricky, and you don’t want to see useless toys to pile up in corner. So be wise and considerate, your children are going to love them and keep them.

Importance of Baby Gifts

Monday, September 7th, 2009

There are all sorts of occasions for giving a baby gift. From new arrivals to baby baptisms and christenings, from baby birthdays to celebrating a baby’s first steps. Baby gifts can be given at a baby shower before the baby even arrives. And baby gifts are particularly special when they are given for no occasion at all. Whether you’re a new parent, a favorite aunt or grandmother, a doting uncle. a next door neighbor or “just a friend,” baby gifts are a great way to tangibly demonstrate your love and affection for the baby.

Baby gifts can help a baby learn about the world, but unlike some lessons, baby gifts educate in an entertaining way. Certain types of toys, like foam spelling blocks, baby books, and puzzles with large, soft pieces can all teach babies how to relate to their surroundings. Mobiles hung above a baby’s crib help the baby learn how to visually focus and build attention span. Baby spoons assist a baby in learning how to eat with utensils like a “grown-up.” And soft, cuddly plush toys and dolls help a baby learn how to show affection and attachment to others.

A baby shower is a traditional event that is held some period of time before the baby’s arrival. Typical baby gifts that are given at baby showers include baby blankets, diaper bags, lotions and powders, carryalls and totes, sweaters, hats, onesies, layette sets, socks, and baby booties and shoes. All of these types of baby gifts help the prospective parents get ready for their baby’s arrival and to be prepared for bringing their baby home from the hospital after its birth.

A keepsake baby birthday gift such as a bangle or bracelet set with the baby’s birthstone, a beautiful music box that will delight the baby for years to come, or a photo album filled with pictures of the baby, can all become treasured possessions. The same is true for baby christening or baptismal gifts such as a child’s first Bible, a christening gown or a baby’s first tiny cross or rosary. These types of baby gifts are cherished family mementos, often kept for dozens of years, and sometimes passed down from mother to daughter or from father to son.