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Should My Kids Wear a Sports Mouthguard?

The mouthguard is a protective device for the teeth and gums to prevent them from any kind of injury and reduce its effect. The mouthguard is a necessary thing for all those kids that are involved in any kind of sport, even if it is a home or backyard verity of it. According to a survey of US National Institute of Health, each year approximately 5 million children lost their teeth while playing games which nearly cost $500 million for care. According to another survey of the American Dental Association, one-third of all dental injuries are related to sports and the use of a mouth guard can prevent more than 200,000 oral injuries related to the mouth each year.

Kids and adults usually receive oral injuries while playing football, volleyball, rugby, boxing, hockey, and other relative sports. Mouthguards come in different sizes, youth mouth guards for kids and adult mouth guards for seniors both are available in the market. It doesn’t matter if your children are 7 years old, now let them play and don’t worry about the oral injuries because mouth guard for 7 years old kids is also available to protect their teeth and gums.


There are further 3 types of mouth guards available.

Stock mouth protectors:

This type of mouth guard is cheap and can be bought at any sporting goods shop and departmental store. They are heavy and it is difficult to fit them in your mouth and they provide little or no protection at all. The dentist does not recommend these mouth guards.

Boil and bite mouth protectors:

These mouth guards can also be bought at most sporting goods stores and departmental stores. These mouth guards are made from the thermoplastic material. It Is first placed in the hot water to soften, then placed into the mouth and shaped around the teeth using tongue and fingers.

Custom-fitted mouth protectors:

These mouth guards are designed in a dentist’s office and made in a professional laboratory according to the dentist’s instructions. Your dentist will first make an impression of your teeth then the mouth guard is molded as per your teeth impression with the special materials. Due to the time investment and use of special materials, these mouth guards are very expensive but their protection capability is much more than all other types.

Football is one of the most famous games of the world’s but while playing football, a mouth guard is a necessary thing. Some of the best youth mouth guards are:

• Vettex Double Mouth Guard Lip Protector.
• Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard.
• Nike Youth Kids Intake Mouth Guard.
• Under Armour Armourbite Youth Performance Mouth Guard.
• MoGo M1 Flavored Mouth Guard.

Another great benefit of mouth guard is that it is very useful for the nighttime teeth-grinding of children. When it is placed between the teeth before sleeping, it prevents the children from grinding their teeth during sleep. Buy your premium Oral Mart sports mouth guard for kids at Amazon now.