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Giving Personalised Baby Gifts

With personalised baby gifts, it is possible for the parents, grandparents, other family members, and close friends to enjoy this very special occasion. Baby gifts can also make excellent keepsakes of the big event and choosing high quality items means that once baby has grown up they will be able to enjoy the very same items.

What could be more traditional than giving a newborn baby a blanket? Baby blankets need to be safe and comfortable but they can also be personalised to include a photograph of the little girl or boy. The photograph itself can be taken on the day of arrival or soon after the birth or a photo blanket can be customised to include a montage of different photographs.

A photo canvas is a stunning piece of wall art created using a photograph of your choosing. In the case of selecting baby gifts this again means that you can use a digital photo from the day he or she was born or soon after. You could also opt for a family photograph that includes all family members including the very latest. Canvas prints are customised to your requirements so the choice of photograph is yours.

Photo cushions and photo cubes are comfortable additions to any home. Personalised with a baby photograph they can be given to grandparents, aunts and uncles, godparents, and close friends to celebrate the arrival of your baby. Function and form combine in order to create very unusual and incredible looking soft furnishings. Other items for the home include customised wallpaper, roller blinds, and folding screens; all of which could find a place in the nursery or any room of the house.

Baby gifts aren’t just for the baby, his parents and family. As mum or dad it usually falls to you to inform the family and friends of the new arrival and giving a small gift is a great way for a new baby to start out their family life. Photo blocks, photo key rings, and many other baby gifts can be given in this very way while personalised greetings cards can be given to let everybody know the most important details.

The advance in digital photography and printing techniques means that there are many different types of baby gift that can be given. Canvas prints represent one of the best looking and most unique methods, allowing the recipient to display a beautifully recreated photograph of the baby on the wall of their home or even their office. Of course, as well as making excellent gift ideas, these items can also be customised and kept for your own pleasure and to celebrate the birth of your own son or daughter.