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Effect of Divorce on A Teen’s Life

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Parents are the role models for their children. The children are shocked when they hear the news of divorce of their parents. Each child will react differently when they hear the news about the divorce of their parents. Initially, they express anger or fear. Some of the children feel shame and they hide the news from their friends.

Children of divorced parents suffered. They did less well at school and were emotionally disturbed. Suffered children were negatively affected by the loss of their parents. Some of the children who involve great affection with their parent are faced depression. Teenagers have the danger to becoming more aggressive and perverse or diminishing. Some older children may feel deep sadness. Their schoolwork may suffer and behavior problems are common.

The study on divorce cases showed that the children of divorced parents have higher rates of academic problems along with psychological problems and behavioral problems as compare to the kids whose parents remained married. For example, the kids whose parents would later divorce performed less in academic than those kids whose parents would stay together. They also showed more behavior problems in school than those students whose parents would stay together.

It is also seen that children of divorced parents were usually not having a good relationship with their parents as compare to the children whose parents would stay together. The children whose parents would divorce have not performed well in academic, the reason behind this is their parents would attend fewer school events, and were less likely to do things or discuss school-related issues with their children.

It is seen that divorce affects boys more than girls. The boys face behavioral problems in school during the early period and through the initial few years after the divorce. Their academic performance is decreased. They often involve with drugs and alcohol. In case of girls they show depression over the divorce and changes taking place in their lives. Their academic performance is also decreased. Teenager more likely to involved with older crowd and established sexual relationships much earlier than those whose parents would stay together.

It is the responsibility of the parents that they prevent their child from this situation. They have to prevent themselves from the effect of divorce. Today the most of the children are facing depression problem. When children feel depressed they may withdraw from their parents or loved ones. They may forget their homework and keep themselves busy in discontinue activities that once brought them pleasure. Their eating habits may change dramatically. To help your children encourage them to share their sadness as well as their anger with you or another responsible member of the family with whom they feel safe. Assure them that these feelings will decrease with the passes of time and help them till they seem to be feeling better.

Hit Songs for Teens

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Most of the Hit songs today are dedicated for teens which match their wants and desires in the world of music. Now, as time pass by, hit songs have increase in variety and styles that satisfy each of a teens specific interest. Modern, pop, rock and all other variety each attracts a group of teens. They love to listen to these songs because it do have a different effect to them. Like for instance, a kind of music may alter someone’s mood and even change their lifestyles. Some hit music would even create a group on a social gathering and if you feel that you have the same taste of music then you’re in. Sometimes, it allows you to know what kind of people are in a certain crowd. Some teens use this song as their basis on their way of dressing up and on how they would act in the crowd. It affects every single part of a teenager’s life up to the point of changing their study habits.

The Hit Songs for teens today has been very useful in a way that it gives us an idea about the teen world. Besides altering someone’s lifestyle, it also allows teens to connect with other people and create a different social life. Maximum of five hours a day of teens time spend on listening to music. It became part of their life. If teens love the music, they would also love the artist and even become a fan of a certain music style like hip-hops. Some styles are even combined just to satisfy teen wants and desires. With the help of the new music gadgets today like ipods and of course the internet, teens were able to get to listen to their favorite music as well as being updated with the latest.

Listening to these Hit songs has become a stress reliever for teens. It allows them to express their feelings and comforts. These Hit songs is an expression of the creator’s perception to the world. Sometimes reminiscing the past combined with the present. Hit songs enable teenagers to get over the daily problems of their life. Makes them feel relax. Teens choose the music according to their way of life or with what interest them the most. It is important for them to choose the right music because it will reflect who they are as well as help them in connecting with a certain group in a society. Teens nowadays have been hooked-up with different kinds of music. The way the Hit songs changes in style and mood depends on how a teenager wants them to fit into their lifestyles.