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Archive for August 20th, 2017

How to Choose Gifts for Boys under Age 10

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

Gift-giving can be difficult. Even those people around us whom we think are “easy” to shop for can be hard to shop for because while they claim to be appreciative of anything, we seem to get in our head that we want to find the “perfect” gift for them.

When you are an adult, it can be even tougher to buy gifts for little boys and girls, since they are of the impressionable age to be influenced by the next great, hot thing that everyone is discussing. And since you are a grown-up, you are often excluded from these important topics by the cliques of kids at school or in Cub Scouts or at soccer practice. So what do you do to get insights in finding that birthday or holiday gift for that boy who is under 10 years old? Here are some quick thoughts:

Just ask. If the child is your own or is a friend of your child, have a conversation with him and ask what kind of toy or game does he want for Christmas this year. If there is something he is excited about, he will totally volunteer that information, whether he has played with it or not.

Browse shopping sites. Many websites that sell toys online will often have a section of “trending” or “what’s hot right now” in toys, and you can browse those to get an idea of the toys that are being bought or browsed for in recent days or weeks.

Talk to other parents. If you know parents of young boys at your school, Cub Scout troop, church, or anywhere else, talk to them about what their boy is talking about as a toy or gift that he wants for Christmas or did want for his last birthday.

Pay attention to movies. Boys are excited about movies. So pay attention to the movies that come out that your boy wants to see or knows something about (if it’s based on a book he has read or had read to him in school). After you see the movie with him, if he liked it, you can shop for items that are connected to the movie (games, action figures, apps, etc.).

This should give you some avenues to pursue so you can find just the right gift for your boy that is under the age of 10. If you do all of these tips, you may find your good suggestions through trends – chances are that one or more ideas will come out that are common among each of these intelligence-gathering methods.