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Archive for February 10th, 2011

I HEART Children’s Bookstores

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

I don’t know how many children’s bookstores are still out there… Does anybody? I’m guessing less than we would all hope, unfortunately.

We spent the weekend with my in-laws in Memphis and my mother-in-law and I were looking to kill some time Monday afternoon. There was a little used children’s bookstore we used to frequent (I love a good deal), but my MIL told me it is now closed. No wait! I just looked it up, and I think she’s mistaken. It’s still open.

Well anyhow, we thought it was closed and so I inquired as to whether or not there might be an independent children’s bookstore in the area. She told me that she used to take my husband and his sister to a place called Pinnochio’s when they were young. But she assumed it was now closed.

She went and grabbed the phone book to look it up, and guess what? It’s still open! (I told her she needs to have a little more faith in her local children’s bookstores!).

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Where To Buy Children’s Shoes

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Children’s shoes come in many varieties from shoes which are designed for infants, to shoes which are designed for toddlers and older children. Through the use of these shoes, designers have created a wide array of styles, through a wide array of brands for parents to choose from when it comes to buying children’s shoes. Through these brands, and the choices that are available, parents also have many choices when it comes to deciding where to buy children’s shoes. Here are some of the most popular places that you can find children’s shoes.

Specialty shoe stores which are designed for children are available in nearly every city. Through these shoe stores there are many shoes available from shoes which are designed for specific sports, to shoes which are designed for an evening out. Even casual shoes are available. Name brands, designer brands and other types of shoes are often available through the diverse collections offered at these types of stores, but they can be more expensive.

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