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Archive for March 11th, 2010

Things You Should Do When Buying a Trampoline

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Learning how to buy a trampoline is not a very difficult task. But it does require that you follow a few simple steps. Buying your first backyard trampoline is a fun and exciting experience. To help you through the process here are some simple tips:

Take Your Time: There are tons of trampolines for sale so don’t feel like you have to rush into the buying process. There are a variety of trampoline styles including an enclosed trampoline, a gymnastic trampoline, and a kid’s trampoline. Before making any decisions on the type of trampoline you want to purchase, make sure and do some research.

Compare: Comparing prices is a very important part of buying trampolines. You do not want to purchase the first trampoline that you see for sale at any store. Take notes and compare the price from a couple different stores. When you shop for your trampoline you might want to also compare the quality and service that each store has to offer. Some stores will be able to offer you better customer service than other stores.

Get the Accessories: Although most accessories are available online for trampolines it is best to get your accessories at the same time you buy a trampoline. If you buy your net enclosure and other accessories at the same time as your trampoline you will know that they are the right sizes for the brand of trampoline that you have.

Set Up: Once you have your trampoline home it is time to set it up and start playing. Make sure and follow all the directions so the trampoline is sturdy and put together properly. Accidents usually happen when trampolines are not put together correctly and when children are playing unsupervised.


It is advised that only one person be jumping on the trampoline at any one time. Unfortunately this is close to impossible when you have more than one child in the home. To help prevent accidents and injuries you should always stay outside with your children when they are on the trampoline. Encourage them to jump and play on the trampoline but not to do flips or roughhouse. Trampolines can be extremely dangerous when there is more than one person on them and when people are doing other things besides just jumping.

There are a number of major health benefits which come from trampolining. You will need to ensure you choose the right trampoline for you, depending upon you and your family’s individual needs and budget parameters. To know more about trampoline information about buying guide, health benefits, exercise routines, useful resources.. let Trampoline4Health.com help you.