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Archive for April, 2009

Foster Care and Adoption Services

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Foster care adoption is a growing need in a society more and more able to adopt from oversees. There are many children waiting to be adopted in the U.S but there are even more who are just coming into the system.

Children that are adopted are generally adopted as infants or while very young. Most adoptive parents want a baby but this is not always the case. There are times when the child is older and has been in foster care homes for a while. Consequently they have their own issues to deal with. They do not always fit in with their classmates because of the family situation. They tend to harbor anger at the world for having been placed in this situation. Due to these special circumstances, it takes a certain skill set from the adult to make the adoption successful.

The ideal adult who has success at foster care adoption generally has a lot of patience and a giving and caring nature. Kids that have spent time in foster care have a different world view than their counterparts and the adult needs to recognise this and be able to cope with it while maintaining an emotional balance.

Surprisingly, it is often beneficial to have the child establish contact with his or her birth parents during the time the foster care adoption is taking place. It is generally thought that this communication allows the child to better understand the circumstances leading up to the decision to put the child in foster care to begin with. When the child understands that things were being done for his benefit, he can acheive a sense of closure that he would otherwise not get.

There are other common traits shared by family units that had a successful foster care adoption. Some of these are a good sense of humor to get through the hard times, the ability to impart a general feeling of acceptance to one’s situation, and getting involved with the child’s social life. These qualities are imperative if a properly functioning family unit is to be formed. The adoptive parents need to have and be able to demonstrate these qualities to the adoption agency in order to be granted the adoption. One such established agency is Circles of Care which is a private non-profit, social service agency. Its mission is to enhance children, youth, and families ability for effective living and growth through comprehensive social and mental health services.

At Circles of Care, the main program is therapeutic foster care. The staff includes program and clinical supervision by Masters level staff with experience in dealing with abused children. Case managers have degrees in Human Services. Treatment Planning and Review services include a consultant team, featuring a psychiatrist and psychologist.

Therapeutic foster care is specially designed to handle the demands of children who have experienced various types of abuse and neglect. Their emotional or behavioral problems require special attention and intervention. Therapeutic foster/adoptive parents are people who have the ability to parent the more challenging child. Therapeutic foster/adoptive parents get specialized training to help them work with these children. They also receive support and other services from Circles of Care to aid them in caring for these children.

How Baby Boomers to Find Childhood Toys?

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Aging baby boomers, who once spend a delightful childhood playing with their favorite toys, are now spending a lot on toys for their grandchildren. Baby boomer grandparents prefer toys of a certain category. They are interested in toys that promote learning and creativity, especially in art and music, toys that evoke memories of the past such as Price’s Telephone and Snoopy Sniffer, and also contemporary toys such as Kid-Tough Digital Camera, a technology-driven toy that enables grandchildren to send digital photographs via e-mail to their grandparents while they are on holiday. Baby boomer grandparents are more comfortable with modern technology than any other generation. They are at ease when they purchase modern, technology-driven gadgets.

Some baby boomer grandparents take special care in selecting the toys they want their grandchildren to have. They rightly realize that children appreciate gifts such as Internet games, iPods, and CDs. However, baby boomer grandparents are not that particular about purchasing these items because they know that the kids will get it anyhow. Baby boomer grandparents are more particular about their grandchildren experiencing the same type of childhood they once enjoyed – exploring the environment, playing social games, and riding bikes with family members. These items can bring back their old memories and their happy moments when they were still a kid playing the favorite toys.

In today’s world, you can jump on your computer and buy anything that you need. It will even be delivered right to you so you never even need to leave your home. When is comes to children, you can shop for your favorite toys online any time of the year. Whether it is for a birthday, holiday or even just because they deserve a treat.

One of the great things about shopping for toys online is that you can actually search for ones that are no longer sold in the stores. If you had a favorite when you were a kid and want your kids to try it, all it takes is a little bit of research. A lot of the time all you have to do is put in the name of the game or toy and it will pop right up. If not, try putting in the name of the company that made it.

Another great method of shopping is by looking on TV Toy Memories. You can always find wonderful vintage TV toys, from the 1950’s, 1960’s and the 1970’s. TV Toy Memories also has many collectible TV toys from the 1980’s to the 1990’s. The inventory of TV toys, coloring books, paper dolls, autographed memorabilia (in-person signings from famous TV stars & movie stars), comic books & cereal boxes, might be helpful in your quest.

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